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Taylor Silva

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About Me
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About Me

I enjoy learning new things and getting to apply them in practical ways. I learn best through doing and solving real-world problems. I spend most of my time solving backend software problems.


These are the places I've studied and worked. A more detailed version of this resume can be found here.

Where I've Studied


McMaster University

Honours Bachelor of Commerce

I focused my business studies on information technology and marketing. I also took computer science courses starting in my second year. I was part of the DeGroote Commerce society for my first three years, working and leading the marketing team. I was also a frosh leader for every year after my first, where I got to welcome new students to the McMaster community.


National University of Singapore

4-Month Exchange Program

I spent my last term of university studying abroad in Singapore. I met new people from all over the world and got to travel around South-East Asia to places like Vietnam and Taiwan. I really enjoyed this opportunity to experience what it's like to live in another country.

Where I've Worked

June 2018 - Current

Software Developer


Writing Go at Cloud Foundry

May 2016 - May 2018

Cloud Ops Dev & Consultant


I work with existing clients on performance-related issues that they face in their database models. I also work on the cloud ops team, automating the deployment of our software and creating critical infrastrucutre in AWS. Mainly programing in C#.

May 2014 - August 2015

Application Support Analyst

Prophix (Internship)

My main responsibility in this role was to resolve customer issues submitted to our support portal. I quickly became the top performing ASA, solving the most tickets and having the highest customer satisfaciton rating. I created knowledge base articles for common issues and submitted detailed bug reports to development when necessary.

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